How to control the temperature in the blast furnace for processing alloy tee


The effect of slag melting on the three-way exercise of alloy. Whether the slag is good or easy to melt is good when selecting slag, it needs to be analyzed and treated in detail according to different conditions.

① The influence of the orientation of soft melt zone. The temperature of soft melting is higher at the beginning of refractory slag, and the range from soft melting to melting is small, then the direction of soft melt zone is low in the blast furnace, and the soft melt layer is thin, which is conducive to the BF running smoothly. When the temperature of refractory slag is insufficient, the viscosity may increase, which will affect the permeability of alloy tee, which is easy to go. The slag of easy melting furnace has higher orientation in the soft zone, thick soft melt layer and poor permeability of material column. On the other hand, the slag activity of the easy melting furnace is good, which is beneficial to the blast furnace.

② The influence on the temperature of the hearth of blast furnace. The heat absorbed by slag before melting is much, and the heat carried when entering the hearth is much, which is conducive to improving the temperature of the hearth. On the contrary, the slag is bad for improving the temperature of the hearth. Different hearth temperature should be controlled when different iron types are used.

③ It affects the heat consumption and heat loss in high jealousy. The refractory slag needs to consume more heat. When it comes out of the furnace, the slag brings more heat, and the heat loss increases, which makes the coke ratio increase. On the contrary, slag of easy melting furnace is beneficial to the reduction of coke ratio.

④ The effect on the life of alloy tee. When the melting temperature of slag is higher than that of the furnace wall, slag at the furnace wall is easy to condense and form slag skin, which can maintain the lining. The melting temperature of the slag is low, so the furnace wall can not form the slag skin for maintaining the lining, on the contrary, the activity of the slag will wash the lining.

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