Advantages of stamping elbow pipe fittings
1、 Light weight: the density of the pressed elbow pipe fittings is 0.89-0.91g/cm, which is only one tenth of the steel pipe. And because of the light weight, the transportation cost and the construction intensity of installation can be greatly reduced by industry.
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Process standard of tee fittings
Tee fittings in production in accordance with a certain process and principle, to ensure that in actual use to ensure good production quality and guarantee, the geometric dimensions of tee fittings including outer diameter, inner diameter, wall thickness. It is the requirement for packaging.
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Hydraulic bulging process of tee pipe
Due to the large equipment required for the hydraulic expansion process of tee, the current market in China is mainly made of tee with standard wall thickness less than dn400. The suitable forming materials for this process are mainly low alloy steel, stainless steel and low carbon steel with low degree of cold work hardening, and some non-ferrous metals
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Passivation process of carbon steel tee
Passivation process of carbon steel tee can be divided into many types, including wet process and dry process. The iron oxide formed on the ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, which makes the corrosion expand and finally forms holes. The carbon steel surface can be guaranteed by painting or electroplating on oxidation resistant metals (e.g., zinc, nickel and chromium), but, as is known, this protection is only a thin film. If the cover is damaged, the underlying steel begins to rust.
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How to control the temperature in the blast furnace for processing alloy tee
The effect of slag melting on the three-way exercise of alloy. Whether the slag is good or easy to melt is good when selecting slag, it needs to be analyzed and treated in detail according to different conditions.
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