Advantages of stamping elbow pipe fittings


1、 Light weight: the density of the pressed elbow pipe fittings is 0.89-0.91g/cm, which is only one tenth of the steel pipe. And because of the light weight, the transportation cost and the construction intensity of installation can be greatly reduced by industry.

2、 Good corrosion resistance: except for a few hydrogenating agents, stamping elbow pipe fittings can resist the corrosion of various chemical media, and have excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, rust free, corrosion free, bacteria free and electrochemical corrosion free.

3、 Good heat insulation: because the material of stamping elbow pipe fittings has low thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of 20 ℃ is 0.21-0.24w/mk, much smaller than that of steel pipe (43-52w/mk) and purple steel pipe (333w/mk), so the insulation of PP-R pipe is good.

4、 Good heat resistance: when the working water temperature of the stamping elbow pipe is 70 ℃, the softening temperature is 140 ℃.

5、 High impact resistance: because the unique impact strength of the stamping elbow pipe has been improved obviously than other solid wall pipes, the ring stiffness is 1.3 times of the real wall.

6、 Hygienic non toxic: the material of stamping elbow pipe fittings is composed of carbon and hydrogen, without adding any toxic heavy metal salt stabilizer, and the health performance of the material has been tested by the state authority.

7、 Long service life: the stamping elbow pipe pipe has a service life of more than 50 years under the rated service temperature and pressure, and has the anti ultraviolet and radiation proof, so that the products will never fade.

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